Our first singing insect universe is Beadieville!


Elijah and his Sneezy Cricket


Shaya and her Beadie Katydid


Solveigh and her Bella Katydid


I work with, teach and learn from kids!

I am an architect, sculptor and professor.  

My architecture is about conversing with materiality.  

My sculpture is about connecting with earth.  

My teachings are about sense reverie and further developing our ability to visualize from left to right brain perspectives.

Sense Reverie is a program committed to empowering alternative sensory perspectives as a way of viewing the world in a wider and wilder way.  3 Autistic students from Minneapolis Edison High School participate each week.  We draw, imagine, interpret and sculpt together.  The program runs 6 weeks for each group.  They walk away with many drawings and a sculpture.  The perspectives are truly wider and wilder!

"I love the texture of the colors rubbed on my hands."    Mustofe

"I didn't think I could draw well, but all of my drawings are so beautiful!"  Judas

This Fall 2018, we are drawing and sculpting singing insects; crickets, katydids, grasshoppers and cicadas.

Dan Noyes